Polyurethane /Products

Development Associates, Inc. has been manufacturing clear, weather resistant, non-yellowing two part clear polyurethane doming resin for over 30 years. Our experience in doming, encapsulating and potting two part resin helps us provide our customers with the solutions that quite simply work. Our clear polyurethane doming resin is used on pressure sensitive vinyl’s, metal, plastic, rubber, glass, carbon fiber, solar panels and many other medias to help protect labels, decals, signs, covers, circuitry, etc.

Our two part resin is optically clear and will not yellow outdoors. Our mercury free resin has been successfully used for over 20 years in outdoor applications with minimal degradation. It has the same weathering properties as mercury catalyzed systems as well as the same gel times and cure times.

Non-Yellowing Epoxy like Resin

Development Associates, Inc. offers an epoxy like resin that will not yellow outdoors. It is a non-yellowing resin that is glass hard like epoxy and is not moisture sensitive. It has a fast cure time with less thermal coefficient of expansion than epoxy.


Flow-stop is an ink developed by Development Associates, Inc. that stops urethanes from flowing beyond its printed boarder. By printing a 1/8” border around what requires urethane, flow-stop will hold the urethane to that area. Flow-stop can be silk screened on to most vinyls, mylars, metal, etc.


Development Associates, Inc. offers its doming resin cartridge kit in 75 ml or 50 ml. Doming resin cartridges utilize a re-usable cartridge gun and allow our customers dome, cast, encapsulate and coat any non-porous substrates in small amounts. Cartridges are excellent for doming samples and small, sporadic jobs.