All our doming resin casting machines use positive displacement pumps and PLC drivers to make our machines more reliable, accurate, dependable and economical. Our line of two part resin dispensing machines provide our customers with a wide range of casting from one at a time to as many as 24 at a time using our disposable multi nozzles. Our casting machines do not require a resin preparation before dispensing and do not require any flushing with solvents after dispensing. We also sell our resin in 75 ml cartridges.


User Friendly Doming Resin Casting Machines

We offer a complete line of user friendly doming machines and doming equipment:

  • Easy to use and program
  • NO drip, disposable multi nozzle doming
  • NO degassing
  • NO hazardous solvent flushing

Polyurethane Doming Resins

  • Non yellowing
  • Crystal clear
  • High performance
  • UV stable
  • Fast curing
  • Self healing surface
  • Outdoor weather resistance

The Ultra Max Casting Station

  • Economically priced
  • Entry level casting machine
  • “in-drum” pump technology
  • PLC drivers
  • Consistent, reliable, metered casting

The Micro Max Casting Station

  • Entry level production machine
  • Complete system includes curing chamber
  • Gear driven with multi nozzle dispensing

The Auto X Axis Machine

  • Automatic gear driven casting
  • Precise metering
  • drop and drag
  • infra-red sensor
  • user friendly controls
  • Mass production
  • In drum pumps

The Automatic Scripting XYZ Machine

  • Automatic casting with full scripting ability
  • Easy to learn and operate
  • Mass production
  • Full scripting ability

Max Dome Cartridge Kits

  • Hand held doming gun with cartridge

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