Doming Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in our Doming Service. We will dome samples or prototypes at no charge.

Specific Quotes

Please provide the following:

  1. Size and shape of the part
  2. Layout
  3. Sheet size
  4. Quantity

Polyurethane Resins

  • Dispensed as clear liquid
  • Cures to clear
  • crystal dome

Follow These Guidelines

  1. Use most economic layout on 20" x 14" workspace
  2. Keep at least 2 edges of sheet rue to registration
  3. Leave a minimum of 3/16" between pieces
  4. Kiss cut and weed sheets
  5. Do not cut through release liner
  6. If emboss is necessary, try to keep as low as possible
  7. Do not use clear overlaminates
  8. Send set-up sheets if available
  9. Round corners where possible
  10. Avoid sharp angles on inside cuts
  11. Use double sided release liner
  12. Do not use paper as a substrate


  • Reflective properties of domes may alter color slightly.
  • Whites adjacent to color may take on hue of the adjacent color
  • Test samples for color accuracy.