Cartridge Kit

Doming Resin Cartidge Kit

Our Doming Resin Cartridge Kit is available in our online store in the following selections:

  • Clear flexible Epoxy Resin Cartridges - Buy Now
  • Clear flexible Polyurethane Resin Cartridges Z8200 - Buy Now
  • Clear Ridged Polyurethane Resin Cartridges Z8684 - Buy Now
  • Clear Epoxy Doming Cartridges and Clear Polyurethane doming Resin Cartridges - Buy Now

Max Dome Cartidge Kit Now Available for purchase in our online store.

Clear Resin Cartridge Features:

  • Easy application, economical cartridge doming
  • Crystal clear 3D dome effect
  • Self-Leveling
  • 2 part 1:1 ratio
  • Elegant, distinctive liquid lens appearance
  • Adds value to your product
  • Never yellows or cracks
  • UV Stable
  • Weather resistant up to 4 years
  • Not for application on porous surfaces
  • Kit includes one doming gun, one 75ml polyurethane cartridge with two disposible nozzles
  • Extra cartridges and nozzles available in our online store.

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