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We’re Polyurethane Resin Technology Experts

Development Associates, Inc. has been manufacturing clear, weather resistant, two part polyurethane resins for over 30 years. We are considered a premier polyurethane doming resin manufacturer in the North East. In addition to urethane resin, we also provide our customers with primers to increase adhesion, custom formulations, mercury free resins, non-yellowing epoxy like resin, flowstop ink, adhesives, wire cable coatings, in-drum positive displacement pumping systems and doming machines.

Our two part polyurethane resins and equipment can be used for casting, doming, coating, encapsulating and potting numerous applications including domed decals, solar panels, encapsulation, composite construction and coating substrates. Our resins are automotive grade, clear, weather resistant and non-yellowing. Our mercury free resin has been used for over 20 years and is REACH, ROHS and EPA compliant. Epoxy resins can also be used for doming, encapsulation and coating porous substrates.

In addition to manufacturing urethane resins and manufacturing equipment to cast our resin Development Associates, Inc. has over 25 years’ experience applying our resin to vinyl, mylar, rubber, glass, carbon fiber, metal and plastic. This combined experience uniquely allows us to provide our customers with the knowledge, tools and technique required to be successful. As a polyurethane doming resin manufacturer, Development Associates, Inc. truly delivers the complete doming solution.

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